So I just got kicked out of Uni…

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You know the people you forgot you went to school with, they pop up now and again and a smug little part of you thinks…wo0w thank goodness I did not turn out like them? Well here I am, in my unbrushed (in every sense of the word) and tear stained glory. Fingers crossed, I am welcoming you into my rock bottom. As the publisher of my own story I am going to be heavily relying on the love of the underdog and I hope we will be able to look back on this post with genuine humor in (dare I hope?) a year to come.

Brief catch up : Up until 30 minutes ago I was a Third Year Fashion Textiles Student. I have been kicked out for attendance, in which I was severely lacking.

Pros: I absolutely loathed University.

Cons: How am I going to pay rent?? How am I going to not laugh at interviews when I remember I literally went through two years of hell to not even get a degree out of it? How long can I get away with not telling my mum?

For so long I thought a degree is what I needed in order to become a success. All I want is to be my own boss and have a successful and ethical fashion brand. University was the place that I was meant to shine. I was destined to become the cool, sophisticated extrovert…. Instead I found myself with my lights off at halls trying to breathe quietly, pretending not to be in to avoid going to yet another game of “Ring of Fire”.

Just to clarify, this will not be a beautiful inspirational blog of how to do life right. No this will be the cheer team of : Well at least she wore something that did not have an elasticized waistband today! I just want this to be a candid space where everything doesn’t have to be ok and be amazing but where I can laugh at the stupid things I do, as I have a feeling its not quite over yet.

If anyone has any advice or recommendations for any Uni drop out jobs please let me know. (Seriously)

Todays Muse: Phoebe Buffay a true pioneer in winging it (sponsored by Thing 1)

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To do list:

  • Get a job so you can pay rent
  • Try not to cry every time you have to tell someone you got kicked out of Uni
  • Work on Fashion Portfolio
  • Try to remember WordPress password